Welcome to the online home of John Calvin Christian School in Chilliwack, British Columbia. Located between Abbotsford and Chilliwack in Yarrow BC, John Calvin Christian School was originally established in 1970 to provide Reformed Christian education for the children of the Canadian Reformed Churches in the area.

Our current student body of 280 students from grades K-7 accommodates and encourages all learning levels and abilities in our students, and maintains an effective learning assistance and special education program in addition to our regular curriculum.

John Calvin Christian School works closely with the other Canadian Reformed schools in the Fraser Valley: Credo Christian Elementary in Langley, Credo Christian High School in Langley, and William of Orange Christian School in Surrey. Our grade seven graduates typically attend Credo Christian High.

The Reformed faith sets the tone in our school. Most of our students and their families worship in a Canadian Reformed Church, while several attend a United Reformed, Free Reformed, or Protestant Reformed Church.

Our History

The Society was instituted in 1964. When the present building became available in 1970, the Society began a school which taught students in grades one through seven. By 1973, John Calvin Christian School had been expanded to include grades 8, 9, 10. In 1977, however, the Society struck an agreement with the Canadian Reformed School Society in Surrey to cooperate in the operation of a junior and senior high school, Credo Christian High School, which was established in Langley. Students from the John Calvin Christian School catchment area are bussed to Credo Christian High School in buses operated by the Abbotsford Society.

Our Purpose

The Canadian Reformed School of Abbotsford has been constituted by members of the Canadian Reformed Churches of Abbotsford, Yarrow, and Chilliwack. These members wish to have their children educated according to the norms of the Bible. They believe that the promise that they have made to the LORD at the baptism of their children can be fulfilled best by also supporting and by sending their children to a Reformed school in which brothers-and sisters-in-faith teach and guide their children in harmony with what parents teach them a home, and with what they hear proclaimed in church each Sunday. The school has therefore been established to assist the parents in this task, not to replace the parent. A close look at the mission statement articulated by the B.C. Ministry of Education will reveal that the development of “knowledge, skills and attitudes” are directed toward “a healthy society and a prosperous and sustainable economy.” 8 We firmly believe that all our endeavours and attitudes must be clearly focussed on seeking God’s glory in our service to Him and our neighbour. Therefore our Mission Statement says that the “purpose of our Christian school is to assist parents to educate their children to develop their talents and potential to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes for a life of responsible stewardship in God’s kingdom.

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