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Shop Easy

How do you help JCS PAC earn up to $60,000/year for the school? All you need to do is buy Shop Easy cards! It’s super easy and is such a great way to create A LOT of profit without digging into our own pockets. Cheques payable to JCS Shop Easy.

Shop Easy Form

Shop Easy Reps ….
Monica Sikma
Carla Vanlaar

Heidi Aikema
Leanne Thalen

Heidi Thalen
Yvonne Huttema

Any questions
Lynn VanKammen
Henriette Heetebrij

Parent Action Committee Board

President – Yolanda Bos
Secretary – Chelsea Huebert, Anna Nienhuis
Treasurers – Katherine Vandergugten, Heather Byker
Hot Lunch Coordinator – Ruth Binnendijk, Leanne Thalen
Kitchen Committee — Wilma Schouten, Jen Spanninga

Church reps ….
Yarrow – Karina Pelleboer
Chilliwack – Megan Admiraal
Abbotsford – Charlene Stam
URC – Mel Tiessen
FRC – Deb Bos

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